Can I switch to Mobile Vikings internet at home with Easy Switch?

You can use Easy Switch to switch to Mobile Vikings internet at home. Important note: we don't offer landlines nor a TV subscription. So keep in mind that these will be terminated with your current operator, or will be covered by a new contract if you transfer mobile numbers and/or a fixed internet connection to Mobile Vikings. We therefore strongly recommend that you check your options carefully with your current operator. 

You can of course close your order without using Easy Switch, and contact your current operator to cancel your services there.

If you choose to switch to Mobile Vikings via Easy Switch, we will make sure that (a part of) your current services with your current operator will be stopped and/or transferred to Mobile Vikings. You have two options with Easy Switch:

  • Transfer internet at home to Mobile Vikings. In this case, your internet at home will automatically be stopped with your current operator. Any mobile numbers remain active with your current operator.
  • Stop mobile numbers and transfer your fixed internet to Mobile Vikings. In this case, your specified numbers will be discontinued and your internet at home will be transferred to Mobile Vikings.

Are you ready to switch via Easy Switch? Check here how to do it.

Did your installation not go smoothly and did you use the Easy Switch option? Then you are entitled to compensation from 2/10/2023;

  • If the installer does not show up on the agreed day and time. In that case, you are entitled to compensation of €30;
  • In case of late activation of your Internet at Home subscription, you are entitled to compensation of €6 per day. This compensation has to be requested at your own request;
  • Both compensations are settled via the first invoice (or credit note) or via payment into your account.

If you enter your phone number when ordering via Easy Switch, this number will be permanently stopped by your current operator, without transfer.

Would you like to transfer your number to Mobile Vikings? You can, in that case you have to request a SIM card with the transfer of your number yourself . Here we tell you how to do that easily.
You might wonder why we do it this way? Well, by requesting a SIM card yourself, we make sure you keep the services of your current operator during the transfer. This way, you remain reachable. Once your new SIM card is active, your number and the subscription/ prepaid card with your previous operator are automatically cancelled.