1. Organisation

The contest is organised by Mobile Vikings nv, with registered offices at the address Kempische Steenweg 309 bus 1, 3500 Hasselt.

Mobile Vikings will be handing out (fake) tattoos in July-August 2022 on several festivals ( Pukkelpop, Alcatraz and Suikerrock).

Within this framework, Mobile Vikings organises a contest consisting of several challenges, with one winner per challenge per festival. 

Participation in the contest presupposes that participants unconditionally accept these rules. No dispute in this matter will be taken into account. 

  1. Period

July - August 2022

Suikerrock: 30 July 2022

Alcatraz: 12-13-14 August 2022

Pukkelpop: 18-19-20-21 August 2022

  1. Who can participate?

The contest is open to all festival visitors, aged 16 and older, living on Belgian territory, except for staff and employees of Mobile Vikings and other companies involved in the organisation of the contest.

Participants up to 18 years of age are required to have the explicit permission of one of the parents or legal guardian to enter the contest. If a minor person participates in the contest, Mobile Vikings assumes that the relevant authorization has been obtained.

Each person can participate once. When someone enters the contest multiple times or with multiple accounts, only the first entry will count.

Participation will be possible by scanning a QR code leading the participant to a landing page on which he/she can find more information about the contest. 

Mobile Vikings is entitled to exclude a person from participation in contests for a certain period in the event of any abuse of the terms for participation, lack of fairplay or should the participant demonstrate abusive or misleading behaviour or participate in the contest in bad faith.

  1. Contest procedure and prizes

Mobile Vikings offers several challenges per festival, i.e.

  • Screentime: Get on stage with a visible (fake) Mobile Vikings tattoo, take a picture and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings
    • Prize: one year internet at home for free (Unlimited fast internet, according to availability on the  installation address)  – 456 Viking Points
  • Dedication: Take a picture with your tattoo and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings
    • Prize: free mobile subscription for 1 month – 29  VP
  • Starstruck: Take a picture with an artist with your tattoo visible and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings
    • Prize: free mobile subscription for 1 year – 348 VP
  • Dag Allemaal: Take a picture with a famous BV with your tattoo visible and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings
    • Prize: free mobile subscription for 1 year– 348 VP
  • #twinningiswinning: Tattoo twinning: search for someone with the same tattoo, take a picture with your tattoos visible and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings and #twinningiswinning
    • Prize: free mobile subscription for 3 months – 87 VP
  • Gotta catch ‘m all: Take a picture of at least 5 people with all 5 different Mobile Vikings tattoos, tattoos visible and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings
    • Prize: free mobile subscription for 6 months – 174 VP
  • Pukkelpop Bonus: Take a picture with Chokri with your tattoo visible and post it, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings
    • Prize: free mobile subscription for 1 year – 348 VP
  • Mobile Viking for Life: get a REAL Mobile Vikings tattoo - send us a video of yourself getting the tattoo put on your body, a pic of the finished piece and post it on your social media, tag Mobile Vikings and use #mobilevikings. The tattoo should include the whole Mobile Vikings logo, including the brand name "Mobile Vikings", as portrayed on the website, and should be at least 5 cm in size.
    • Prize: 29 VP/month for life or until the winner decides to leave Mobile Vikings. 

Only the festival visitor posting the actual picture on his/her public Instagram profile will be considered as participant of the contest. The winner of each challenge shall be the participant sending in the most original picture, showing the most efforts done to win the challenge. 

The winner shall be determined by Mobile Vikings and notified via his/her social media profile (direct message). If Mobile Vikings does not receive any reaction from the winner as to contact details, account details, etc. within a reasonable period of time, Mobile Vikings is free to appoint another winner. 

All prizes will be solely paid out in Viking Points, according to the Viking Deals general terms and conditions. The Viking Points can be used to lower the Mobile Vikings bill (1 Viking Point = 1 EUR). It is indivisible and must be accepted as such. The prizes may under no circumstances be sold or exchanged for other products or cash. The Viking Points will be distributed to the winning accounts within 14 days as from Mobile Vikings’ communication to the winner. Internet at home prizes will depend on the availability of an internet connection at the desired installation address, and the type of connection if available. If internet at home can not be installed, the corresponding amount will be awarded in Viking Points instead to be used for use in a mobile subscription or prepaid card.

If the contest is won by a non-Viking, those Viking Points can be used if the winner becomes a Viking (activation of a Mobile Vikings SIM card or internet at home connection), or he/she can choose to donate the Viking Points to an existing Viking. If the winner becomes a Viking and activates a subscription or a prepaid rate plan, this subscription or prepaid rate plan will automatically become paying when the Viking Points won have all been used.

The participant acknowledges and accepts that he/she will be solely responsible for observing the applicable rules and regulations on influencer marketing and advertising. 

  1. Identification

The identity of the participant is defined on the basis of the data provided by the latter. Mobile Vikings cannot be held liable if the identification of a participant is impossible due to incorrect or incomplete data communicated by the participant.

The use of false data leads to the exclusion of the participant in accordance with art. 3.

A participant explicitly accepts the publication of his/her name and/or image if he/she wins a challenge, without however claiming any compensation other than the prize.

  1. General terms

Mobile Vikings is not responsible for any damage, physical injury, accident or death that may result from obtaining any of the prizes and/or participation in the contest.

Mobile Vikings cannot be held responsible if the contest should have to be modified, suspended or cancelled due to force majeure or circumstances beyond its control.

Mobile Vikings cannot be held responsible for technical problems of any kind or for communication problems. Any participation in the contest implies acceptance of the characteristics which are specific to the Internet, in particular technical capabilities and the time required for consultation, questioning, transferring information, interruption and more specifically the risks inherent in any connection to / transmission via the Internet, the absence of protection of certain data against possible theft and the risks of contamination by possible viruses circulating on the Internet. No complaint may be filed with Mobile Vikings concerning these restrictions.

No purchase is required to participate in the contest.

There shall be no correspondence about the contest rules, the organisation and/or the binding and irrevocable result of the contest (letters, e-mails and/or telephone conversations). All additional statements related to the contest shall be regarded as part of the rules. All decisions made by the organisation shall be final.

The participants in the contest shall refrain from negative public communications with regard to the contest and its organisers.

Any abuse, misleading or fraudulent behaviour shall give Mobile Vikings the express right to immediately exclude the participants concerned from this contest and/or other contests organised by Mobile Vikings.

Participation in the contest implies the processing of the personal details of the participant, so that Mobile Vikings can inform the participant about the course of the contest. This processing happens according to the Mobile Vikings Privacy and cookie policy. For more details, go to https://mobilevikings.be/en/terms-of-use/overview/.

Mobile Vikings has the right to change certain parts of these rules for organisational reasons.

Any complaint concerning this contest must be sent in writing, no later than 10 calendar days after the end of the contest, to the following address: Mobile Vikings S.A., Kempische Steenweg 309/1, 3500 Hasselt.

In case of disputes, the courts of Antwerp, department Hasselt are competent. This contest is subject to Belgian law.