On 14 June 2022, at Mobile Vikings we're launching our internet at home offer alongside our mobile subscriptions and prepaid cards. At that time, our general terms and conditions and our privacy policy will also be updated. Below we've listed the most important updates for you.

From now on, you will find all general terms and conditions for consumers, both for mobile and internet at home services, in a single set of general terms and conditions. The conditions applicable to Viking Deals and Mobile Vikings for Business users can be found in separate special conditions.

The specific features per product are clarified in the contract summaries. If our conditions mention the payment of extra costs, you can find these in the price list


Other important contractual changes

Due to recent changes in telecom and roaming legislation, among other things, we are legally obliged to update our terms and conditions in those areas as well. 

The most important updates are:

1. Extension of the possibilities of Mobile Vikings to refuse a request (art. 3.4 and 11): 

Mobile Vikings can now also refuse an application:

  • if the Viking refuses proper identification or cannot prove his/her identity with a clear identity document;
  • if the Viking's infrastructure or network does not support delivery of the service;
  • if the Viking's equipment can disrupt the network.

2. The time limit to cancel the contract in case of price increases or contractual changes to the disadvantage of the Customer will be unified (art. 7). 

Mobile Vikings will inform the Viking about the changes before they come into effect. Vikings that do not accept the changes, can terminate their contract, free of charge, at the latest 3 months after the notification (except if the changes are only beneficial for Viking, are purely administrative and do not cause any disadvantage to the Viking, are imposed by or under legislation, or concern a price increase that is related to the consumer price index).

If Mobile Vikings wants to discontinue a complete service, it will have to notify the Vikings at least 3 months in advance, without being liable for any compensation. 

3. Vikings can request the credit of their prepaid card to be reimbursed when they change operator (art. 10.4 and 17) - beware: this change is not applicable yet. We're waiting for the Royal Decree.

Vikings with a prepaid card who change operator and transfer their number can apply for a refund for the remainder of the credit he/she initially purchased. New Vikings porting their number to Mobile Vikings, must address such request to their previous operator. Former Vikings who transfer their Mobile Vikings number to another operator, can request reimbursement within the month from the day the number was transferred to the new operator. 

This request will take place via the Mobile Vikings helpdesk. The Viking's number needs to have been transferred and active at the time of request.

Mobile Vikings may charge an administration fee for reimbursements, which will be determined by the future Royal Decree and as specified in the price list. The administration fee will be deducted from the remaining credit. If the remaining credit is less than the administration fee, the reimbursement will not be done.

This amendment will apply from the entry into force of the Royal Decree establishing the practical and financial details for its implementation.

4. Mobile Vikings reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate the service in some additional cases (art. 12).

From now on, Mobile Vikings can deactivate the SIM card or additionally suspend or terminate the provision of the services, in case of:

  • evidence or serious indications of manipulation of the network in order to obtain free services or to support criminal activity;
  • use of the services in violation of the Terms and Conditions of Terms of use internet at home;
  • Refusal by the Viking to provide proof of identity upon identification;
  • if the Viking persistently or repeatedly fails to pay;
  • if the Viking still fails to pay after the minimum service or suspension of the service;
  • in case Mobile Vikings, in all reasonableness and after having exhausted all remedies through Customer Service and the Telecom Mediation Service, cannot offer a solution to Viking.

Mobile Vikings is from now on also allowed to terminate the agreement with a Viking in writing at any time and without compensation, with a notice period of two months. 

5. Additional limitation of liability of Mobile Vikings (art. 13)

The liability of Mobile Vikings is limited to the foreseeable, personal and certain damage of the Viking that is the direct result of a gross contractual fault or negligence of Mobile Vikings. Mobile Vikings shall not be liable for any immaterial or consequential damages. 

In addition, the liability of Mobile Vikings will be limited to the total amount paid by the Viking to Mobile Vikings in the 6 months prior to the damaging event (excluding any one-off costs). The maximum liability of Mobile Vikings is limited to EUR 200.000 per calendar year. 

These restrictions do not apply in case of physical damage or death attributable to Mobile Vikings, or any other case that is not permitted by law. 

6. The general terms & conditions now contain a clear description of what Mobile Vikings considers "non-normal use" of the services (art. 14)

The following was added:

  • use for the purpose of avoiding interconnection charges;
  • fraudulent use of a service, more specifically for the purposes of a call centre or Simbox, or in the case of making the service available to third parties;
  • misuse or fraud relating to the Viking Deals.

7. The application period for the transfer of telephone numbers is extended (Art. 17) 

From now on, Vikings can request to transfer their number to another operator up to a maximum of 1 month after they have ended the contract for their number. If the number transfer cannot be carried out within the legally stipulated period, Mobile Vikings will have to keep the contract associated with the Viking's number active and provide services under the same conditions as before until the transfer procedure has been successfully completed.

Contractual changes concerning roaming (art. 9) - please note that this amendment will only enter into force on 1 July 2022

Thanks to the new European Roaming Regulation, roaming customers within the European Union will be able to continue enjoying their national rate plan for the next 10 years without any additional charges compared to Belgium for their calls, SMS and MMS, the so-called "Roam Like At Home". 

As a reminder, the following tariff conditions apply to roaming:

  • For calls, SMS, MMS and data traffic within the European Union (+ some additional countries as mentioned on the Mobile Vikings website): the national rate applies.
  • For calls and SMS to numbers of value-added services, a roaming supplement may be applied to roaming users, even if these services are advertised as free for local users.
  • Where a reasonable use policy applies to the rate plan concerned in case a certain data volume is exceeded: the applicable volume and rate shall be specified in the description of the rate plan concerned.

Outside the European Union and/or when connecting to non-terrestrial networks: the applicable rates are indicated in the description of the relevant rate plan and via the roaming wizard on the website (the national rate is not applicable).

In accordance with the new regulation, these principles have been clarified again in our general terms and conditions.

It now also specifies which local factors may affect the quality of mobile roaming services abroad and how to complain if the quality of service abroad within the EU does not meet the contractual conditions.

Finally, to the general terms & conditions we added that Mobile Vikings can apply certain rate limits under which Mobile Vikings can send a warning message to the Viking, and upon reaching a next rate limit, can completely cut off the mobile internet connection outside Belgium. The Viking can waive this system of transparency and rate protection by deactivating the notification messages and the possible disconnection of the internet connection. 

All these changes will enter into force on 1 July 2022, at the same time as the new European Roaming Regulation.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Besides our general terms and conditions, we have also updated our privacy policy so that it is clear to you when Mobile Vikings can invoke the legitimate interest to process your data. 

As of now, Mobile Vikings can pass on your data to Proximus nv:

  • to prevent you as (former) Proximus and Mobile Vikings customer from receiving promotions or advertisements of similar Proximus products or services that you already purchase from Mobile Vikings; or 
  • to make financial reports and analyses, which can be used both internally and externally (e.g. for reporting the group results to the shareholders of Proximus NV). These data are shared and processed in an aggregated way. 

You can always switch off this data processing in your My Viking account. 

It is also specified that Mobile Vikings can keep your data for 2 years after your departure. 

For Vikings

You can find all the terms and conditions on this page.

Don't agree with the general terms & conditions? You can cancel your Mobile Vikings services free of charge via our helpdesk or by letter, and this up to three months after this notification.

Don't agree with the privacy policy? Change your preferences in your My Viking account or send an email to privacy@mobilevikings.be.