How do you install a conduit at your residence?

To enable the installation of the entry cable that will be connected to the internet connection in your street, a conduit has to be installed: 

  • dig a straight trench on your private property with a depth of 60 cm between the building and the building line of the street, perpendicular to the building line. The trench provided for other utilities can also be used for this conduit, provided it complies with the above rules. 
  • In this trench, install a conduit made of hard PVC with a smooth inner wall. The conduit has a diameter of at least 50 mm and is equipped with a pull wire with an overlength of 50 cm at both ends.
  • The conduit runs to the inside of the house, usually via an energy corner or an opening in the masonry.
  • Close the conduit ends hermetically with a removable plug.
  • Place a marker post on the street side, at the level of the end of the conduit.
  • Provide a water seal between the conduit (or the energy corner) and the openings in the masonry (foundations, walls or floor tiles).