How do I use my router with router functionality (DHCP server)?

ould you like to use your private router to manage your own network? Then follow these steps:

  1. Connect your private router via the LAN output of the modem to the WAN input of the private router.
  2. Switch the DHCP function on your private router ON.
  3. Change the IP settings of your private router to match those of the modem:
    • Default Gateway: Change this to the IP address of the modem, e.g.
    • DHCP range: Change this to the same range as the modem, e.g. -
  4. Login to your modem (via You will find the necessary information on the back of the modem. In My Modem, under the DHCP tab, set the DHCP server to enable OFF (disabled).
    You now have one network in your home, where all your devices get their IP addresses from your private router. The private router is in turn connected to the modem to connect all your devices to the internet.