Where can I best place my WiFi boosters?

To place your WiFi booster correctly and optimise your WiFi in your home, take a few things into account:

  • If you can only connect your WiFi booster to your modem via WiFi, any underfloor heating/the size of your house/insulation or constructions in the floor and/or ceiling can reduce the range of your booster. 
  • We therefore strongly advise you to connect your WiFi booster to your modem via a network cable. In some (newly built) houses, this cabling is present and available through outlets in the wall.
  • In other cases, it is advisable to order boosters that work via the electricity network (so-called powerlines) in order to guarantee a good internet connection in the entire house. Powerlines are available from a number of Viking Deal partners. That way, you also earn Viking Points!