What speed can I expect from my VDSL line?

The speeds mentioned are theoretical maximum speeds. The actual speed depends on the distance to the street cabinet with which your line is connected and the type of vectoring that this street cabinet supports: 2.2 MHz, 1.1 MHz of 552 KHz. Actual speeds can also be affected by various factors such as wiring in your home, location of the modem, the power of the processor on your PC, the number of devices that use bandwidth, etc.

The automated DLM (vectoring – Dynamic Line Management) process checks and tests your line for several weeks after activation. After a positive evaluation, depending on the test results, your line speed can be increased. Please note that the DLM process is fully automated. It is a dynamic process on the current VDSL network. As an operator, Mobile Vikings has no influence on this process. The DLM process keeps on monitoring and testing your line to guarantee a stable line and full quality.