Installation costs

If you order a Combo (a combination of internet at home and a mobile number), there is no installation cost for your internet at home.

Hardware costs

If you decide to also rent Wi-Fi boosters, you can rent them at €3/month. This cost will appear in your invoice/payment invitation every month.

Subscription costs

And then of course the monthly subscription costs. For Unlimited fast internet, these are €40 per month, and €55 for Unlimited superfast internet. Note: in a Combo (a combination of internet at home and one or more mobile number(s)), you get a monthly discount of €3 for both the above options. 


For example: you have a Combo of Unlimited fast internet and 2 mobile subscriptions of €15. That would be €40 internet at home + €15 mobile subscription + € 15 mobile subscription - €3 combo discount = €67/month.