How will the installation be done in my home?

The installer will call you (or the contact person you specified) about 30 minutes in advance to tell you that he/she is coming. Once on site, the following is included in your installation:

  • Placing the necessary hardware
  • Installation of the modem
  • Installation of cables (maximum 20 metres, including possible horizontal drilling through a wall) and checking of existing cables
  • Checking your home for Wi-Fi reception

All possible works that fall outside this standard procedure (e.g. digging works in your driveway) will be first discussed and agreed with the installer.


Your connection immediately after your installation

After completing your installation, an automatic check (DLM, for Dynamic Line Management) will be performed to optimise your speed. This process can take up to 10 days and your internet speed may increase during these 10 days until it reaches the optimal speed for your situation on about day 10.

To optimise your speed to the maximum extent possible, this check will be conducted every 14 days. You will not notice any of this when using your internet at home.