You can do the following in preparation for the installation:


  1. During the installation, an adult must be present who also knows your preferences, such as the location of the modem. The contact person you specified at the time of placing your order will receive a text message 2 days in advance and a phone call 30 minutes before the appointment.
  2. Find out where the entry cable enters your house or building. For example, through the garage, basement, living room, shop, etc. Make sure that our installer can easily access this space.
  3. Make sure that there is a free and working socket as close as possible to the modem.
  4. Think in advance about the internal cabling and the location of your equipment. Are there any cables already present? Will you install the cables yourself or will our installer do it? Which devices do you want to connect and how many? Where are they located? The installer will check your current cabling together with you to see what's needed. If necessary, new cables will be laid (this is free for new cabling not exceeding 20 m and without the need for drilling through a floor/ceiling). 
  5. If needed, have your laptop/PC and/or mobile phone ready on the day of installation.

If you live in an apartment building, be sure to notify the syndic of your homeowner’s association in advance about your installation. They can help you with this.

In case of a new building or renovation, you are advised to install a conduit (not only for your telecom). Make sure it has a diameter of at least 50 mm, with a flat inner wall and a pull wire inside.

And do not forget: the installer is from Proximus so there is no need to panic. ;-)