What happens if I already have an internet subscription with another provider?

If you already have an internet subscription with another provider, and you want to switch to Mobile Vikings, you may cancel your current internet subscription with your current operator. If you currently have a pack with that operator (with e.g. fixed internet, tv and 2 mobile numbers), you may choose to cancel all or some of these services. Also be sure to check payment terms for hardware (e.g. residual value to be paid for a TV or laptop) that you may have with your current provider. Pay close attention, because there may be additional costs in such cases, e.g. a final invoice. Also ensure that you synchronise the deactivation dates of your current subscription with the installation/activation dates of your Mobile Vikings internet subscription.

Important note: if at your address there is already an active connection to the Proximus network (Proximus, Scarlet, edpnet,...), this connection will automatically be switched to Mobile Vikings, and you will no longer have access to the services you previously subscribed to via this connection. We do advise to double-check with your old provider to make sure everything is canceled correctly!

At the moment, Easy Switch isn't available. Yet!