The contest is being organised by Mobile Vikings nv, with registered offices at the address Kempische Steenweg 309 bus 1, 3500 Hasselt in collaboration with Bookspot, in the context of the “Viking Deals”.

Participants are expected to know the rules of this contest. Participation implies an unconditional agreement with these rules. No dispute of any kind will be taken into consideration. The rules are available on https://support.mobilevikings.be/hc/en.




The contest is to be announced on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday 2nd November at 10 a.m. and will end on Tuesday 30th November at 21:59. Each week in November, one winner will be chosen and notified on Facebook/Instagram, depending on which medium was used. More details regarding the contest procedure are mentioned in point 5.


3.Who can participate?


The contest is open to all Mobile Vikings customers aged 18 and over, living on Belgian territory, except for:

  • staff and employees of Mobile Vikings and related companies
  • their families and relations to the third degree
  • all persons connected either directly or indirectly with the organisation of the contest concerned.


Participants must be over 16 years of age. Participants up until 18 years of age must have the explicit agreement of one of their parents to participate. If a minor participates in a contest, Mobile Vikings presumes they have their parents’ permission to do so. If the minor cannot prove this permission, participation and/or the right to win a prize can be terminated immediately.


Each person can participate once. When someone enters the contest multiple times, only the first entry will count.


Mobile Vikings is entitled to exclude a person from participation in contests for a certain period in the event of any abuse of the terms for participation, or should the participant demonstrate abusive or misleading behaviour or participate in the contest in bad faith, or any reason deemed good enough by Mobile Vikings to decide to terminate someone’s participation. Mobile Vikings will decide this in any way they seem fit.

The participant’s identity will be determined by the personal details mentioned on Facebook and/or Instagram by that same participant.


4.The prize

There are 4 prizes, each one consisting of one year of free books. The most original submissions will win.


Each person can only participate and win once. The 10 most original submissions will be rewarded with this prize.


Mobile Vikings does not make or grant any warranty concerning a prize. Mobile Vikings cannot be held responsible for accidents or damage that are in (in)direct relation to a prize.

A prize shall be indivisible and must be accepted as is. Under no circumstances shall the prize be transferred or exchanged or can it be offered on sale to the public (e.g. on eBay).


Mobile Vikings cannot be held liable for any damages, injuries, accidents, or deaths that could happen as a possible consequence of winning one of the prizes or participation.


Mobile Vikings cannot be held responsible for direct, indirect, material or immaterial damage that could result from using the prize. In that case, the winner will have to address the producer of said prize.


Mobile Vikings doesn’t carry any liability toward any mistakes made by de Post or any other delivery company (delays, damages, strikes, loss or other) when shipping the prizes.


Mobile Vikings cannot be held responsible for changing, canceling, or postponing the contest due to force majeure or any other reason beyond their control, like for example technical issues.


Mobile Vikings can also not be held liable for technical failures or issues with communications.


In the case of a contest via internet: participation implies acceptance of the characteristics of the internet, more specifically concerning the technical requirements and the response time with queries, questions, transfers of information, risks of interruption, and more generally, the risks that are inherent in being connected to the internet, the lack of security against possible theft of certain details and the risks of being infected by internet viruses. No complaint can be filed with Mobile Vikings regarding any of these limitations.


5.Contest procedure


The assignment is as follows: “Share your favorite book you’d like to get as a gift this fall, and why”. 


Every Friday this November, the submissions will be judged by a jury of Mobile Vikings employees, who’ll rate the submissions based on their originality. Mobile Vikings reserves the right to disqualify any inappropriate submissions (for example containing vulgarities).


Each winner will be notified by private message on Facebook or Instagram every Friday on a weekly basis. They will be asked to provide their email address and phone number to prove that they’re Vikings. They will receive their prize afterwards. If they’re not Mobile Vikings customers, their right to a prize expires and a new winner will be chosen.


Under no circumstances can Mobile Vikings be hed responsible if a participant cannot identify themselves because they’ve not provided their correct and/or complete personal details.

The use of false personal details will result in the participant being disqualified as per this article.


Participants explicitly agree to the possibility of their name being published without being eligible for compensation.


6.General terms


- Facebook does not support or promote this contest and can therefore not be held responsible for any problems. But the participant is obligated to respect Facebook’s terms and conditions if they wish to participate in the contest.


- No purchase is required to participate in the contest.


- There shall be no correspondence about the contest rules, the organisation and/or the binding and irrevocable result of the contest (letters, e-mails and/or telephone conversations). All additional statements related to the contest shall be regarded as part of the rules. All decisions made by the organisation shall be final.


- The participants in the contest shall refrain from negative public communication with regard to the contest and organisers.


- Mobile Vikings shall not be held liable if, for reasons of force majeure or any other reason beyond the control of Mobile Vikings, the length of the contest is altered or if the contest is adapted or cancelled. Mobile Vikings may not be held responsible for any problems with the communication services preventing a participant from participating.


- By participating in the contest, candidates automatically accept all contest rules.


- Mobile Vikings has the right to change certain parts of these rules for organisational reasons.


Complaints regarding this competition have to be sent to the following address in writing, and no later than 10 working days after the contest will have ended: Mobile Vikings nv, Koning Albert II-laan 27, 1030 Brussels.


In case of legal disputes, the courts of law in Brussels are qualified. This contest falls under Belgian law.


All rights reserved, Mobile Vikings, October 31st 2021.