How does the Eleven Viking Deal work?

Very simple! Go to the Viking Deal and generate your unique discount code here. Then choose the desired plan on the Eleven website, create your account and use the code at check-out. Your unique discount code provides a monthly discount of 15% in the form of Viking Points on your Mobile Vikings account.

How many Viking Points?

A monthly 15% discount in the form of Viking Points for one of these monthly subscriptions:


  • Pro League Monthly Pass: € 10.99 per month, 1.36 Viking Points per month.
  • All Access Monthly Pass: € 14.99 per month, 1.86 Viking Points per month.


  • Works with a voucher code generated in the partner detail.
  • Only valid on the monthly subscriptions Pro League and All Access.
  • Do you already have an Eleven subscription? Please contact the Eleven helpdesk
  • The 15 % discount is calculated on the price per month, excluding VAT.