How does the Eleven Viking Deal work?

Please note that as of July 17, it is no longer possible to sign up for this Viking Deal because Eleven is switching to a new platform. Were you already using the Eleven Viking Deal before this? In that case, you can still receive Viking Points provided the same email address is reused to sign up with the new platform.

Very simple! Go to the Viking Deal and generate your unique discount code here. Then choose the desired plan on the Eleven website, create your account, and use the code at check-out. Your unique discount code provides you with a discount in the form of Viking Points on your Mobile Vikings account.

How many Viking Points?

A monthly discount in the form of Viking Points for one of these monthly subscriptions:

  • Pro League Monthly Pass: € 12.99 per month - you'll receive 0.75 Viking Points per month.
  • All-Access Monthly Pass: € 16.99 per month - you'll receive 1.25 Viking Points per month.

Or a one-time discount in the form of Viking Points for one of these annual subscriptions:

  • Pro League Annual Pass: € 129 - you'll receive 10 Viking Points
  • All-Access Annual Pass: € 169 - you'll receive 20 Viking Points


  • Works with a voucher code generated in the partner detail.
  • Do you already have an Eleven subscription? Please contact the Eleven helpdesk