I use a lot of data and don't understand why. What can I do?

We cannot verify what your data has been used for. Most devices register your data usage so that you can check this.

  • Android: Go to Settings / Data Usage.
  • iOS: Settings> Mobile network.

With an iPhone, it is also best to check whether the setting "WiFi assistance" is turned off. You will find this option in the "Settings" - "Mobile networks". There you scroll down. At the very bottom you will find "Wifi assistance". If this option is enabled, your device will automatically switch to mobile data if the Wifi signal is not strong or stable enough. In an Android device, this option is called 'Wifi +' or 'smart network switch'.

A data session can be active for several days. To make sure that no data is being used in the background, you can turn off your data connection when you are not actively surfing. Also make sure that you always close your apps manually when you are no longer using them. Finally, it is a good idea to disable the 'Update via Mobile Network' option (both for apps and software updates).