What's happening

Starting March 2021, all Belgian network operators will be performing a number of upgrades to improve the performance of the Belgian mobile network structurally for many years to come. Mobile Vikings will therefore also greatly benefit from the result of these upgrades.

The details then

These large-scale investments are done to further boost your download speed in general. Each of the some 3,000 antennas in Belgium will be worked on separately. The upgrade works will obviously have an impact on that specific antenna's functioning. From the start of the works, it will be unavailable for an estimated 5-6 hours. Depending on the specific characteristics of each antenna, this could exceptionally last a maximum of 48 hours. 

During these works, if you're connected to that specific antenna, your mobile internet, calls and SMS might be impacted which will lead to lower coverage or exceptionally no service. However, in most instances, your smartphone will automatically connect to the neighbouring antenna, minimizing the impact for you.

What Mobile Vikings will do

In case you might be affected by these works, we'll send you an SMS some 3 days before to let you know. 

Below you'll also find the current schedule of locations and dates (version 25/1/2022).


Location Date Status
Sint-Kruis-Winkel 13/1/2022 Finished
Mariakerke / Gent 14/1/2022 Finished
Gent 19/1/2022 Finished
Desteldonk 20/1/2022 Finished
Destelbergen / Evergem /
21/1/2022 Finished
Gent 23/1/2022 Finished
Gent 26/1/2022 Planned
Oostakker / Gent 27/1/2022 Planned

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!