In which countries does Roam like at Home apply?

Below, you'll find a list of countries where you can Roam like at Home. This means that when you're in one of these countries, your bundles and rates apply as if you were still in Belgium. To check the rates, including outside of the EU, please visit the roaming page on our website.

Do you have a 70 GB subscription? You'll call and text without any extra costs in any of these countries. As for your mobile data: up to 27 GB, there are no additional costs. If you use more, every MB used will be charged at € 0,002/MB.

You can't use your 70 GB bundle outside of the EU. Outside of the EU mobile data is blocked to avoid unexpectedly high costs. Do you really want to use mobile data outside the EU? That’s possible! With the Global Data Pass you can use mobile data in many countries outside the European Union. You can find all the details here.

You can of course use local wi-fi as much as possible or use a local SIM card. You’ll usually find those at airports.