My claim for Viking Points for a Viking Deal has been rejected. Why?

This can be for several reasons:

  • We did not receive any commission for your purchase or booking

    The Viking Points you receive when you buy or book something through a Viking Deal are a commission that we receive from our partner and pass on to you in full. If you click on another link, for example, a Google Ad, a price comparison site, ... then that commission goes to another party. Nothing is linked to your Mobile Vikings account, so you will not receive Viking Points.

  • You entered the wrong order number, amount or expected number of Viking Points.

    Be sure to check the information you enter carefully. The order number is important for the partner to be able to find your purchase. Also, keep in mind that the number of Viking Points is calculated on the purchase amount excluding VAT.

  • Your purchase or booking has been registered in the meantime

    In that case, the Viking Points are now on hold, or you may have already received them.
  • The purchase did not meet the terms

    Most Viking Deals have their own terms and conditions. For example, they often can't be combined with other discounts, or you are not allowed to place your order from a business account, ... You can check the conditions for each Viking Deal on our Viking Deals page

  • The partner is no longer active with our Viking Deals.

    You can only submit claims for active Viking Deal partners.

Would you like more information about how the Viking Deals work, and concrete tips to ensure that you never miss out on Viking Points? Then be sure to check our FAQ.