My claim for Viking Points for a Viking Deal has been rejected. Why?

This can be for several reasons:

  • Your purchase or booking has been registered in the meantime
    In that case, the Viking Points are now on hold, or you may have already received them. You can check this in your My Viking account.
  • We did not receive any commission for your purchase or booking
    The Viking Points you receive when you buy or book something through a Viking Deal are a commission that we receive from our partner and pass on to you. If you visited other websites during your purchase, such as a Google Advertisement, a price comparison site, blogs, etc., the commission may have gone to to another party. The partner will not pay us any commission and we will therefore not be able to give you Viking points.
  • The purchase did not meet the terms
    Most Viking Deals have their own terms and conditions. For example, they often can't be combined with other discounts, or you are not allowed to place your order from a business account, ... You can check the conditions for each Viking Deal on our Viking Deals page.
  • You entered the wrong order number, amount or expected number of Viking Points.
    Be sure to check the information you enter carefully. It is important that you select the correct date of purchase and enter the order number correctly. Otherwise, the partner cannot find your purchase and your claim will be rejected. If you enter an incorrect order amount or request too many Viking points, the partner can also reject your claim. Keep in mind that the number of Viking Points is calculated on the purchase amount excluding VAT.

Would you like more information about how the Viking Deals work, and concrete tips to ensure that you never miss out on Viking Points? Then be sure to check our FAQ.