I used a Viking Deal but don't see any Viking Points yet. What went wrong?

Did you only just make your purchase? Then don't worry yet. It can take up to 48 hours to fully register your purchase or booking. Have you been waiting any longer? Below, you'll find a list of possible culprits. With solutions!

  • Your purchase or booking is linked to another channel. If you visit price comparison sites, or click through via Google Ads, via a marketing campaign of a partner, ... after activating your Viking Deal, our cookie may be overwritten. We will not see your purchase or booking, so you cannot get Viking Points for it. Solution? Activate the Viking Deal just before completing your order.
  • A "do not track" signal has been set in your browser. This may prevent a partner from linking your purchase or booking to your Mobile Vikings account. Solution? Turn off the "do not track" signal.
  • Something went wrong with the Viking Deal partner. Rare, but it happens! Solution? If you submit a claim, we will check it for you. We can't promise anything, but if you still get Viking Points, we'll let you know. Because of the exchange period, among other things, it may take a while before our partners investigate such a claim.
  • You bought something that you cannot earn Viking Points for. Solution? Always check the terms and conditions for each Viking Deal before you activate it.
  • You paid with a gift card or used a promotional code. Solution? This too is always stated in the terms and conditions of every Viking Deal, so you know whether you'll  earn Viking Points or not!
  • You placed your order with a business or professional account. Solution? For some Viking Deal partners, you can't earn Viking Points as a business user. This is always stated in the conditions of the Viking Deal in question.