I used a Viking Deal but don't see any Viking Points yet. What can I do?

It can take up to 72 hours to fully register your purchase or booking.

You have been waiting for less than 72 hours

Please be patient. Your purchase still needs to be processed and registered. You can expect to receive a confirmation email at any moment informing you that your Viking points are 'pending'.

You have been waiting for more than 72 hours

There may have been an issue with the Viking Deal partner. This occasionally happens. Don't worry: submit a claim and we'll investigate together with the Viking Deal partner. We can't promise anything, but if you do end up receiving Viking Points, we will notify you. ;-)

You can check the status of your claim in your My Viking account. Please note that due to exchange periods among other factors, investigating a claim may take some time with our partners.

Some tips to successfully register your purchase

  • Use Google Chrome: this browser works best with Viking Deals. You are free to use other popular browsers like Safari or Firefox, but keep in mind that these browsers may occasionally lose connection between Mobile Vikings and the partner, resulting in you not receiving Viking Points.
  • Ensure that partners recognize you and adjust your browser settings accordingly: accept cookies from our partners and disable the 'Do Not Track' signal. Don't worry, neither we nor our partners store personal data. We only use essential information to deliver Viking Points to you. Chrome's settings are automatically correct unless you've adjusted them yourself.
  • Disable ad blockers: these can disrupt the connection with the partner, preventing you from receiving Viking Points.
  • Complete your purchase immediately after activating the Viking Deal: avoid visiting other websites during your purchase. Our partners will reward your Viking Points if you make the purchase via Mobile Vikings. Visiting other websites (blogs, comparison sites, or cashback sites) during your purchase may result in the partner paying the other website instead of you.
  • Always start your purchase through Viking Deals: some partners may not pay Viking Points if you already have items in your cart before activating the Viking Deal.
  • Use only the discount codes we share: using a discount code from another website or email may result in the other website being rewarded by the partner, and you will not receive Viking Points.
  • Most partners do not provide Viking Points for gift cards: neither for the purchase nor for the use of gift cards.
  • For certain products (e.g., medication), we may not distribute Viking Points: this is always clearly stated in the Viking Deal.
  • Certain partners have specific special rules: for example, you may not earn Viking Points with a business account, or you may only receive Viking Points for your first purchase with the partner. This information is always clearly stated in the Viking Deal.