What do I do if I am a victim of SMS or internet fraud?

There are different forms of SMS or internet fraud: spam, malvertising (pop-ups and advertising banners on popular websites or apps used by scammers to obtain your (bank) details or install viruses on your device), phishing, ... What does Mobile Vikings do to counter this?

Mobile Vikings can only act against abuse via the Mobile Vikings network from a Mobile Vikings customer. In case of a report of abuse, we block the number of the Viking in question after investigation, so that he or she can no longer make victims.

We cannot intervene in the event of abuse originating from other networks. We also do not guarantee the content that is placed online via our network. This means that you must report crimes such as child pornography, copyright violations (without permission online of copyright-protected material), stalking, etc. to the competent authorities. This is usually the local police.

How do I report abuse to Mobile Vikings? Very easy! Please contact our helpdesk.