Super easy :-) In your My Viking account on the website you will find your personal invitation link. You can send it to another Mobile Viking to form a Viking Clan of 2, or to a friend/family member/colleague/... who becomes a Mobile Viking as well to form a Clan of 3 or 4.

Do you have more than one SIM card? In that case, you can also form a Viking Clan combining two of your own eligible subscriptions and claim an additional 1 GB of data for free. If you want to expand the Viking Clan after that, the 3rd and 4th member must be new Mobile Vikings. They can activate a new Mobile Viking phone number or transfer their number from another operator to Mobile Vikings. In both cases, they do of course have to activate an eligible subscription. As soon as this is done, they will automatically be added to the Viking Clan and everyone will be informed.

  • someone can become a member of a Viking Clan up to 7 days after activation of his/her subscription. More details about the terms and conditions of a Viking Clan can be found here.
  • have you convinced a new Viking, which means you will receive 15 Viking points? Then you cannot add this person to your Viking Clan. Both advantages cannot be combined.