Mobile Vikings with an active subscription can form a Viking Clan. Eligible subscriptions are € 15, € 20 and € 29. A Viking Clan consists of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 Vikings. By forming a Viking Clan, all members receive an extra bundle of mobile data for free on top of their subscription each month for as long as the Viking Clan is active. The extra bundles being:

  • Viking Clan of 2: 1 GB extra mobile data
  • Viking Clan of 3: 2 GB additional mobile data
  • Viking Clan of 4: 3 GB additional mobile data

Existing active Vikings can form a Clan of 2. To extend a Viking Clan to 3 or 4 members, the 3rd and/or 4th member of the Clan must be a new Mobile Viking. This can be a newly activated Mobile Viking phone number, or a phone number transferred from another operator to Mobile Vikings. In both of the above cases, they automatically become a member of the Clan to which they have been invited as soon as their subscription is active.

Please note: have you convinced a new Viking, which means you will receive 15 Viking points? Then you cannot add this person to your Viking Clan. Both advantages cannot be combined.

If you have a 85 GB subscription and become a member of a Viking Clan, you will also receive an extra data bundle to surf at full speed for a longer time. Without a Viking Clan, you surf at lower speed after 85 GB of usage, with a Viking Clan this happens later. For example: you have a 85 GB subscription and are a member of a Viking Clan of 3. Then you'll surf at lower speed after a consumption of 87 GB instead of the normal 85 GB.

More details about the terms and conditions of a Viking Clan can be found here.