What do I need to know about the contact tracing during the Coronacrisis?

As of May 11 2020, contact tracers will start calling people who have tested positive for the Coronavirus and the people with whom they have been in contact. This way, new sources of infection can quickly be nipped in the bud, which could help to further ease the measures. So good news!

Unfortunately, there is a chance that fraudsters will try to make use of the situation, so we would like to give you some tips:

  • All calls from contact tracers are via 02 214 19 19, or 8811 by SMS. Never via another number, or via WhatsApp. If you get a call or message from another number, via WhatsApp or email, do not trust it. You also never have to click on a link for the contact inquiry.
  • A scammer can make it seem like he or she is using the numbers above. So also pay attention to the questions that are being asked.
    • Your name, date of birth, and telephone number will be passed on to the contact tracer. When asked about this, be vigilant.
    • If you tested positive for the Coronavirus, you will only be contacted after you have already been diagnosed by your doctor. If instead, you get the news from the contact tracer itself, it may indicate that something is not right.
    • No financial information is required for the contact investigation. A contact tracer will never ask you for any financial information whatsoever. 
    • You will receive questions about the period starting 2 days before you started to feel sick. A contact tracer will not ask questions about last year, for example, or when you are at home.
  • Vigilance is good, but don't be too suspicious. If you are called from the right number, and you do not get any weird questions, then there is nothing wrong. Contact tracing only works if you cooperate as much as possible.

Stay safe!