The quality guarantee can be compared to a 30-day guarantee when you shop online; you have the right to try out your new purchase. Not satisfied? Then you get your money back.

Below you'll find the answers to your pressing questions about the quality guarantee of Mobile Vikings.

How do I make use of the quality guarantee?

  • Anyone can request a refund of the first month within 30 calendar days after activating a new SIM card and/or an internet connection (for new numbers, or numbers transferred from another operator).
  • If you want a refund for your internet connection and a SIM card, you apply for it all at once. The conditions for "within 30 calendar days" are considered on an individual level (i.e. per product), though.
  • The refund can be requested through this contact form: select 'Mobile telephony' or 'Internet at home', depending on the product you enter a request for.
  • After your request we'll check if you meet the conditions and we'll keep you updated via email. At the latest within 3 weeks after your approved application you will receive your refund.

Which conditions do I have to meet to request a refund for my first 30 days?

Obviously, there are a number of conditions to meet for your possible refund. These must all be met before you are entitled to your refund. 

  • Do you have a subscription? All your outstanding invoices/payment invitations must have been paid first.
  • You can apply for the quality guarantee once. A second application will therefore be refused. To verify this condition, Mobile Vikings may perform a check on name, first name, payment method, address, customer and phone number, obviously always in accordance with the terms of the Mobile Vikings privacy policy available on the website.
  • You must submit your request within 30 calendar days after activating the number and/or internet connection in question via this contact form. Select 'Mobile telephony' or 'Internet at home', depending on the product you enter a request for.
  • Does your request include a mobile number? The number in question must have been transferred to another operator within 30 days of activation.
  • Does your request include an internet connection? The internet connection in question must be inactive at Mobile Vikings within 30 days of activation.
  • If your request includes an internet connection, the modem (and any Wi-Fi boosters you rent) must be returned to Mobile Vikings.

What will be reimbursed?

  • Your first chosen tariff plan will be refunded. 
  • Any fees charged for installing your internet connection will be refunded.
  • Any fees charged for the rental of a Wi-Fi booster will be refunded.
  • If you used Viking Points for the first payment of the number in question, they will be refunded too.
  • Any out-of-bundle costs in a mobile subscription will not be refunded.