How can I install the Viking Deals plug-in for Microsoft Edge?

It's recently become possible to install Chrome extensions in Microsoft Edge. That means you can install the Viking Deals plug-in! When shopping online, the plug-in will notify you if you're visiting a Viking Deals partner, so you'll never miss out on Viking Points. Please keep in mind that the plug-in doesn't work for Aliexpress, or Coolblue. 

More info:
How do you install the plug-in for Microsoft Edge? Follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you're using the latest version of Microsoft Edge! You can download it here. You can recognize the correct version by the new logo:
  2. Click here to download and install the plug-in!
  3. Do you get a notification when clicking the link above? Choose 'Allow extensions from other stores' to continue. 
  4. That's it!