What should I do if I get a call from an foreign number?

Did you get a call or text from an number, out of the blue? Don't just call back. It might be a case of Wangiri fraud. 

What is Wangiri fraud?
Wangiri fraud is a type of telephone fraud. The goal is to get you to call (back) a paying number, and then keep you calling as long as possible. The longer the call, the more money they make. So for example, you might hear:

  • A recording of a telephone ringing, so you think they haven't picked up yet;
  • the sound of the connection being broken, so you think you have already hung up;
  • that you have won a prize and must hold to collect it.

How did they get my number?
Wangiri fraud is usually automated. Thousands of random numbers are called simultaneously, in the hopes that real numbers will be reached. You receiving such a call or text doesn't mean your number has been leaked or compromised. 

Can Mobile Vikings block these numbers?
Unfortunately not, so always pay attention if you receive a call or a text message from an unkown foreign number (e.g. + 252xxxxxxx, +37 xxxxxxx, +88 xxxxxxx). Depending on your device, you can block a number that contacted you.

How can you protect yourself against this type of fraud?

  • Do not respond to these calls or messages. Block the number.
  • Do not call back.
  • If you have been scammed you can file a complaint with the police.