Can I use mobile data outside the EU?

At Mobile Vikings we block mobile data outside the EU to avoid unexpectedly high costs. This will avoid you, as a Viking, to unexpectedly receive a huge invoice/payment invitation for your subscription, or to instantly use all of your calling credit unaware.

Would you like to use mobile data outside the EU? That’s possible! With the Global Data Pass you can use mobile data in many countries outside the European Union. You can find all the details here.

Why do we block data outside the EU? Well, outside the EU you surf mobile at € 13/MB, which means you’ll instantly reach your maximum amount out of your subscription bundle (by default this is set at € 10 or less). If this happens, you’ll not only be unpleasantly surprised upon receiving your next invoice/payment invitation, you won’t be able to surf, make/receive calls or send/receive texts either. You see, when you reach your maximum out-of-bundle amount, we're obliged to stop all your services. With a prepaid SIM card, you use your calling credit to surf mobile outside the EU, and that too will exhaust instantly.

You can of course use local wi-fi as much as possible or use a local SIM card. You’ll usually find those at airports. Outside the EU you will be able to make/receive calls and send/receive texts. You’ll find the prices for this in detail on our roaming page.