What happens if I don't pay my invoice or payment invitation on time?

Your Mobile Vikings invoice or payment invitation always includes an expiration date. This is the date on which we expect to have received your payment in our bank account. In case you pay by bank transfer, it's therefore best to take a margin of about 3 working days into account. Especially if your expiry date is in or right after a weekend or a holiday. That way, you're sure your payment reaches us in time.

Extra tip: always use the correct structured communication when paying by bank transfer. If this is wrong, it can take up to a week before we can manually process your payment. Please contact our helpdesk if you have used the wrong payment details, or if your payment hasn't been processed after 5 working days.

But what happens if you lose sight of this deadline?

  • A few days before your expiry date, you will receive a message from us alerting you to the unpaid invoice/payment invitation. It is then up to you to take quick action to still pay in time.
  • Shortly after that expiry date, you will receive a first real reminder from us to remind you of your payment arrears.
  • Another week later, you will receive another reminder. If you still don't pay now, you risk not only an administrative charge on your next invoice/payment invitation but also a restriction of your services.
  • This means, for the number in question, you will be put on minimum service two weeks after your expiry date. That means you can no longer make outgoing calls (except emergency numbers), text or surf. By the way, your internet connection at home can also be limited in speed for a first late payment, to be completely blocked after repeated violations. So don't let it come to that.
  • If you ignore this phase as well, we will completely stop all your services a little later and you will no longer be able to receive incoming calls and texts, for example.

Not the best of prospects, but no worries: we send you a text message and an e-mail notification in time to make sure it doesn't come to that. Don't want to worry about your invoices of payment invitations? Set up a payment method via your Mobile Vikings account. This is possible using Visa, MasterCard or direct debit. If you set up a payment method, your payment will automatically be processsed.

Do you have any questions about your payment invitation/invoice, or your current subscription? You can reach our helpdesk on the free number 1976 during office hours, or via info@mobilevikings.be. In case you want to dispute your invoice/payment invitation, please mail the following information to info@mobilevikings.be: the number of your invoice/payment invitation and which costs exactly you dispute. Our helpdesk will take it from there.