What are Viking Points and how can I earn/ use them?

Viking Points are a form of currency at Mobile Vikings. 1 Viking Point = 1 euro. You can use Viking Points to pay for your top-ups, invoices or payment invitations. Without any costs to you.

How can I earn Viking points?

  • Thanks to our Viking Deals: you shop online at one of our partners, and a part of your purchase amount will be paid back to you in Viking Points.
  • By convincing your friends to become Vikings as well. If they fill in your number when signing up, you get 15 Viking Points after their second top-up/ subscription payment. These two payments have to be fully paid: (partial) payments using Viking Points don't count.
  • Sometimes there are contests or promos which offer Viking Points as a reward. 

What can I use those Viking Points for?

  • Your Viking points are automatically used to pay your invoice/ charge. This way you have a hefty discount or even a bill of € 0.
  • When you top up, you can choose whether or not to use your Viking Points
  • Do you have any Viking Points left over or are you in a generous mood? Share your Viking Points with friends or family. ;-) Find out how to share them here.

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