I'm unreachable. What can I do?

You can't be reached? We'll help you get back on track asap. Please try:

  • Rebooting your device
  • Manually connect to the network via the settings of your device. You can read here how to do this.
  • Testing your SIM card in another device

On our coverage map you will discover the overview of our mobile network. Please note that this is an indication and does not provide a guarantee.

None of these tips help? Contact our helpdesk. Based on a recent example, no older than 24 hours, they can check what exactly is going wrong for you! Please make sure to specify the date and time of your example, as well as the implicated numbers. 

Trouble calling inside or outside your home is a thing of the past thanks to VoLTE & VoWifi. Thanks to these technologies, you can use your mobile data connection or Wifi signal to make calls. You can find more info here.