I can’t send SMSs. What should I do?

1. First of all, check whether you still have service. No service? Go to the settings of your device and manually select Mobile Vikings as a network operator.
2. After that, check your calling credit if you have a prepaid SIM card.
3. Reboot your device. This often resolves the problem.
4. Check the SMS center:

  • iPhone users to this by dialing*5005*7672*+32456002000# and tapping the call button.
  • Do you have another device? Then go to your SMS settings and fill in +32456002000 under SMS center.

Reboot your device after this and try sending an SMS to your self. If that doesn't work, contact the helpdesk.

5. Are you abroad? Try switching operators manually in your settings to see whether that solves it. Does the issue persist after going through these steps? Call our helpdesk at 1976 or send us a message.

Did you choose the Only Data price plan? In that case, you'll be able to receive text messages but not send them. Of course, you can send messages through WhatsApp, Messenger, ... using mobile data.