How do I keep surfing without interruption during my move?

When moving, once the internet connection is active at your new address, you can have the connection automatically terminated at your old addresses. Your two subscriptions are perfectly connected, so you can continue to surf without interruption. To do so, choose the option to automatically terminate the subscription at your old address in your My Viking account.

As you will always receive new hardware when you move, you may choose to have an overlapping period during which you have an active internet connection at both addresses. To do so, indicate in your My Viking account that you prefer to terminate the subscription at your old address yourself. If you change your mind afterwards, you can always adjust this option through your account.

During this overlapping period, you will receive two invoices: one for your old address and one for your new address. As long as you don’t terminate your old subscription, you will continue to pay for it. For the last month of your old Internet subscription, you will receive a pro rata invoice from us. You only pay for what you use.

Notify us of your move as soon as possible: we recommend that you do this at least 3 weeks in advance.