When I move, is there a transition period for my Internet subscription?

When informing us of your move through your My Viking account, you have two options to cancel the subscription at your current address. You can change the chosen option in your My Viking account at any time:

  • Terminate your current subscription automatically:
    • This happens automatically from the moment the internet connection is active at your new address. You don't have to do anything yourself.
    • Your two subscriptions are linked to each other, so you don't end up paying double for your internet.
    • You will receive a pro rata invoice for your old subscription.
  • Cancel your current subscription yourself:
    • You terminate your subscription whenever you want. As long as you don’t cancel your subscription, you keep paying for it.
    • You can let both subscriptions overlap, this allows you to have an active internet connection at both addresses.
    • During the bridging period, you will receive a double invoice. For the last month of your current subscription, you will receive a pro rata invoice.