I’m moving into a new building/ construction, what do I have to do?

You're moving into a new building, how exciting! But what exactly should you think about when you move?

  1. Install a conduit: make sure it has a diameter of at least 50 mm, with a smooth inner wall and a traction wire in it. The conduit should run from outside to inside (all the way into the house). Place it strategically: preferably near the electricity meter, where the installation will take place. In this article, we tell you all about installing a conduit.

  2. Check if a distribution point is available: in fact, there will be a cable connected to the nearest distribution point in the wire protection tube. No distribution point in your street, means no available cable network, so no internet services. Check on our website if there is a cable network in your street.
  3. When the building is windproof (roof, windows and doors installed) and the above 2 points are in order, you can request an installation:
  • Are you already Viking? You can do this through your My Viking account: open your internet subscription, go to the 'Product' tab, then click on 'Move subscription to a new address'. Then follow the steps to complete your move.
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After you choose a day for installation, Mobile Vikings will get everything set up. You will surf at high speeds and worry-free in no time.