I'm moving, how do I take my Mobile Vikings internet at home with me?

We're glad you're staying on board. ;-) You can easily move your Internet connection with you:

1. Inform us as soon as possible
You can do this through your My Viking account: open your internet subscription, go to the 'Product' tab, then click on 'Move subscription to a new address'. Notify us as soon as possible: we recommend that you do this at least 3 weeks in advance. This gives us enough time to prepare your move behind the scenes.

2. We check your address
Before you can move, we check the connection at the new address. If Fiber is available, you will soon enjoy super fast and super stable surfing. Is Fiber not available yet? No worries, we will give you a free Fiber upgrade once it's available. ;-)

3. Decide when your internet moves
When you inform us of your move, you have two options to cancel your current subscription:

  • We terminate your current subscription immediately when the internet connection is active at your new address. This way, you never pay twice for your internet subscription and you don't have to do anything else yourself.
  • You cancel the subscription yourself whenever you want. In this case, you can create an overlap with both subscription: this allows you to have internet at both addresses for a period of time. You will receive a double bill during this overlapping period. For the last month of your current subscription, your invoice will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

You can always change this option through your My Viking account.

4. Your internet moves
To move your Internet subscription, you have several options:

  • Self-installation is always free: we will send you a new modem via bpost. Use our configuration wizard to guide you step-by-step through the installation. Installing your modem was never so easy. ;-)
  • Installation by an installer:
    • Free when you aren’t eligible for self-installation.
    • € 59 when you are eligible but you choose to have an installer come by. The initial value of an installation by a technician is €149.

You can easily book an appointment with an installer through  your My Viking account. By informing us of your move as soon as possible, you can schedule an appointment with an installer well in advance (e.g. 2 months ahead).

Do you still have questions about the installation of your internet? Be sure to check our FAQ page.

5. Cancel your old subscription
When the subscription at your old address is terminated, we will send you a pro rata calculation for your last invoice.

Did you choose to cancel your internet subscription yourself? Don’t forget to terminate your subscription or you will continue to pay for both adresses. Otherwise, you will pay for both your old and new internet subscription. You can do this easily through your My Viking account: go to ‘Internet at home’, open the ‘Product’ tab and choose ‘Cancel internet at home’.

Did you choose to cancel your subscription immediately after the activation of your Internet connection at your new address?Then you don't have to do anything else, we'll take care of everything for you. ;-)


6. Return your old hardware
When you move, you always get new equipment from us, so you enjoy the latest hardware and you can have an internet connection at both addresses for an overlapping period.during your move. ;-)

Once your internet connection is active at the new address, all you have to do is return the hardware from your old address. Download the return label in your My Viking account and send the modem and Wi-Fi booster(s) (if applicable), free of charge with bpost. If you don’t return the old hardware, an additional cost will be charged.