What are the conditions for using a prepaid card?

To keep your prepaid SIM card active, you need to top up at least once a year (regardless of the tariff plan). If you don't do this, your prepaid card will automatically be deactivated. Of course, we'll notify you in advance via email and text.

Your bundles (minutes, texts, and mobile data) are valid for one month from the moment you top up. The call credit from the top-up remains valid for 6 months. Check this article for all the details about the validity of call credit and bundles.

Legal requirement
The law mandates that upon activation of a prepaid card, identification must take place (and then every 18 months for the same number). You can legally identify yourself by making a payment with Bancontact, VISA, or MasterCard. In this article we tell you how to do so. You can easily check the status of your identification in your My Viking account. Do you have any other questions about identification? Be sure to check out our other helpful articles.

Request a prepaid card
As an adult, you can request a prepaid card for:

  • Yourself, of course
  • A family member (parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers or sisters)
  • Your spouse
  • Someone with whom you legally cohabit
  • Someone for whom you are the guardian.

Transfer of a prepaid card
You can transfer your prepaid card to another Mobile Vikings account. In this article, we explain how to do so. Please note, when transferring a SIM card, the call credit will not be transferred along with it.

SIM card replacement
In case of a defect, loss, or theft of your SIM card, you must notify us within 24 hours. You can easily block your phone and SIM card through your My Viking account and request a new SIM card. Check this article for more info. You will then receive a new SIM card from us with the same call credit and expiry date as the defective, lost, or stolen card.