I want to use my own hardware, why do I still get equipment from Mobile Vikings?

From 01/11/2024 you can choose which hardware you use for internet at home: that of Mobile Vikings or your own equipment. As a new Viking, you automatically receive our hardware during installation. The technician always installs our equipment, after which you can install your own hardware.

Please note, it's important to keep your Mobile Vikings hardware in storage. If any issues ever occur on your line, we will ask you to reconnect our hardware. This way, we can check if everything is working properly and assist you further if needed. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for the wise Vikings of the help desk to know all existing hardware on the market and support you in case of malfunctions.

Be sure to check out this article about installing your own hardware.

We can’t guarantee that everything will always work properly and safely if you use your own hardware. If you set up your devices incorrectly, it may not even work at all. That's why we recommend you take a look at our other useful articles.