Do I have visual voicemail on my phone?

Let's briefly summarise which phones visual voicemail will become available for:

  • For iOS: all phones with iOS18 or higher
  • For Samsung: all phones that receive Samsung updates, and that have the latest Samsung update installed rolled out during 2024
  • For all other Android phones: all phones that use the Phone by Google app (and not a custom build), that receive Phone by Google updates via the Google Play Store, and that have the latest Phone by Google update installed.
  • For Huawei: you need access to the Google Play Store to download the Phone by Google app. This is possible with a Huawei P30 (2019) or an older device. Unfortunately, with newer models, you won’t be able to use visual voicemail.

When will visual voicemail be available?
For all Android devices, except Samsung, visual voicemail is already available. In the coming months, it will also be available for Samsung. This autumn, it will also be available for iOS devices. If you prefer to use classic voicemail, you can of course switch visual voicemail off.

It's difficult to provide a concrete timing: we are following the pace set by Apple (for iOS) and Samsung. As soon as visual voicemail is active for a specific phone number, we will of course inform you personally.