How can I switch to Mobile Vikings with Easy Switch?

It's very simple, first of all you need your customer number and your Easy Switch ID with your current operator. You can usually find this information in the customer zone or on an invoice from your current operator. Do you have this info? Perfect, then we can get started:

  1. Enter your address on our website, we will check your connection.
  2. Choose the Internet subscription you want.
  3. Choose how you want to switch. Choose the option via EasySwitch and we'll take care of everything for you.
  4. Choose when you wish to cancel services with your current operator. You have two options, choose what applies to you:
    • As soon as possible after the activation of your new Mobile Vikings services.
    • X number of days after the activation of your new Mobile Vikings services.
  5. Once the order is completed, we will get started and keep you updated every step of the way.

We advise you to contact your current operator about the options for your other services (e.g. a landline, a TV subscription or what happens to mobile numbers that would suddenly fall out of a pack with your current operator).

Please note, you can only use EasySwitch to switch for your internet at home . If you enter your phone number when ordering via EasySwitch, this number will be permanently stopped by your current operator, without transfer.

Would you like to transfer your number to Mobile Vikings? You can, in that case you have to request a SIM card with the transfer of your number yourself . Here you can read how to do that easily.
You might wonder why we do it this way? Well, by requesting a SIM card yourself, we make sure you keep the services of your current operator during the transfer. This way, you remain reachable. Once your new SIM card is active, your number and the subscription/ prepaid card with your previous operator are automatically cancelled.