How can I switch to Mobile Vikings with Easy Switch?

There's a few easy steps to follow:

  1. First, you decide which services you want to transfer to Mobile Vikings (see the options above - a combination of mobile numbers and/or a fixed internet connection). We strongly advise you to contact your current operator about your options for any other services (e.g. a landline, a TV subscription, or to know what happens to mobile numbers that would suddenly fall out of a pack at your current operator).
  2. You log in to your current operator's customer zone, or dig up an invoice from your current operator - as you will need the following information: your Easy Switch ID and your customer number at your current operator.
  3. During your order for Mobile Vikings internet at home on the website, indicate that you want to switch via the Easy Switch option.
  4. For the timing of the installation of your Mobile Vikings internet at home, you have the 2 options below. You choose the moment at which your services at your current operator are terminated.
    - As soon as possible after the activation of your new Mobile Vikings services
    - X number of days after the activation of your new Mobile Vikings services

  5. You indicate which of your services with your current operator you do/don't want to transfer to Mobile Vikings. Remember that only mobile numbers and a fixed internet connection can be transferred via Easy Switch to Mobile Vikings.
  6. We'll get started and keep you updated every step of the way.