By default, the character limit for an SMS is 160 characters and 70 characters if you use special characters (e.g. é, ç, à, smileys ...). Even spaces count! Your phone automatically determines the number of characters used per message. This number appears in the text application indicating how many characters you can still use and/or how many texts you will send.

Do you want to send a message of more than 160 characters (or more than 70 for special characters)? Good news, that’s possible! Depending on the number of characters, it will be indicated how many messages will be charged. For example, if you use 200 regular characters, two messages will be used to send this one message. You will also see two invoiced text messages appear in your usage.

With this handy tool you can easily calculate the length of your message.

Did you choose the Only Data price plan? In that case, you'll be able to receive text messages but not send them. Of course, you can send messages through WhatsApp, Messenger, ... using mobile data.