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How does a payment method using direct debit, Visa or MasterCard work exactly?

You can set this up in your payment methods in your My Viking account. You can choose between Visa, MasterCard or direct debit.

Do you have a prepaid SIM card? In that case, you can use your payment method for your top-ups, or even use it to top up automatically or via SMS. If you have a subscription your invoice or payment invitation will be paid with your payment method. If you have Viking Points, these will be taken into account first. Note: if you have an outstanding invoice or payment invitation when you create your payment method, you cannot pay it with your new payment method. Your payment method will only be used from the next invoice or payment invitation.

How does the direct debit payment work exactly? When you make a payment (for a top-up, invoice or payment invitation) it takes about 6 to 12 days for the payment to go through on your bank account. Even longer in rare cases. If the payment for whatever reason doesn't go through, your remaining calling credit will be revoked. If you have a subscription, the invoice or payment invitation will be marked as 'unpaid' and you'll be asked to pay for it manually. Your payment method will be blocked as well. Discover what to do if your direct debit has been blocked.


Please note, you can only add a Belgian bank account number in case of a direct debit. A manual payment via your My Viking account can be made with a European bank account number.