International flights/waters - what are the non-EU rates?

Are you traveling outside the EU? In this case, we automatically block your mobile data to avoid unexpectedly high costs. Do you still want to surf outside the EU? You can! With the Global Data Pass you can use mobile data in many countries outside the European Union. Check all the details here.

When traveling by boat on or by plane over international waters, you can reasonably assume your device will no longer connect to an antenna on the ground. Instead, it will connect to a satellite, which can quickly increase the cost.

Do you want to have an idea of those costs? Then be sure to check out the calculator on our roaming page and the country you would be calling.

To keep costs down, try to use Wifi as much as possible or purchase a local SIM card with matching local rates. You can usually find these at the airport.
Do you want to avoid extra costs? Turn off your voicemail. Otherwise, calls forwarded to your voicemail will still be charged. You can easily do this through your My Viking account.