What is tethering/personal hotspot and how can I configure this?

Tethering/personal hotspot allows you to share the mobile internet connection on your smartphone with one or more different devices. This is usually via WiFi: your device is visible as a possible WiFi-network to connect with. You can also set it up using a USB data cable or Bluetooth.

If your device has this function and you enter the required setting (this is different for each device - check the manual of your device), you will be able to tether.

Our settings guides show how to set up your personal hotspot for most devices. 

Do you have an iPhone or iPad, and get a message telling you to contact Carrier to activate your hotspot? Follow the steps below:

  • Go to 'Settings' and select 'Mobile Network'.
  • Go to 'Mobile data network' and scroll down for the option 'personal hotspot'.
  • Enter the correct APN data: APN: web.be - Username: web - Password: web
  • Make sure the same settings are filled in for 'Mobile Data' and 'LTE set up'. 
  • Then restart your device to save the settings. Your hotspot will now be available and you can share your mobile Internet with other devices.