How do the online Viking Deals work?

You shop online with our Viking Deal partners, earning back up to 15 % of your purchase in Viking Points. 1 Viking Point = € 1 = savings on your next invoice/payment invitation or top-up.

How does it work?
How many Viking Points do I get?
When do I get my Viking Points?
What if something went wrong? 

How does it work?

There are 2 ways to use a Viking Deal:

  • Via the Viking Deal page on the Mobile Vikings website or in the Viking App.

    This page shows an up-to-date overview of all current partnerships. To activate a Viking Deal, you visit our partner via the red button.
    Important to know:
    • You have to be logged in to your Mobile Vikings account.
    • The Viking Deal won't be activated if you surf incognito or have an active adblocker
    • Make sure the 'do not track signal' option of your browser is switched off
    • There's no limit to the amount of Viking Points you can earn with the Viking Deals, as long as you have an active Mobile Vikings SIM card.
    • Compare prices? Do it before you shop! If you were to open a new tab or a different browser while you are shopping, our cookie will be overwritten with that of the new website. The partner will no longer know you're a Viking, and you won't get Viking Points. :(
  • Via the Viking Deals plug-in.

    Never want to miss a Viking Deal? Our plug-in notifies you when you're browsing one of our partners' webshops, so you'll never miss another Viking Deal again. You simply click the notification to enable the Viking Deal, and you'll earn Viking Points on your purchase.

    The plug-in is an extension of your browser, the program you use to surf the internet. You can download it for free it for Chrome,Firefox and Safari. Please keep in mind that the plug-in doesn't work for Aliexpress, or Coolblue.

How many Viking Points do I get?

The amount of Viking Points you'll earn depends on the Viking Deal, and is always mentioned on the specific partner's page. If it's a percentage of your purchase amount, this is always calculated based on your purchase total excluding VAT, service costs, and shipping costs. You will not get any Viking Points if you buy a voucher or a gift card.

When do I get my Viking Points?

You'll get a confirmation of your purchase or booking within 24 hours. At this point, you'll see the points on hold in your Viking Points overview. They'll stay on hold until the purchase or booking has been handled. 

  • For a purchase, you'll receive your Viking Points after the exchange period has passed, usually about a month.
  • For a booking, you'll receive your Viking Points about 8 to 12 weeks after your actual stay. 

What if something went wrong?

Have you been waiting very long, or were your Viking Points not put on hold? Submit your purchase/reservation through our claim form.