I don't have any mobile internet. What do I do?

Trouble with your mobile internet, 4G, or surfing abroad? Follow the steps below to solve your issue.

Still no mobile internet after going through all steps? Call our helpdesk for free using the number 1976 or send us a message

Active bundle

Do you still have enough mobile data in your bundle?

Internet settings

It’s very important that you configure these settings correctly. In most cases, correcting these solves the problem. Go to our settings guides and look for your device.

Can’t find your device in the list? Then choose a similar device, the settings themselves are the same. If you have an Android device, pretty much any Android phone guide will do. But just to be sure, you’ll find the settings below:

  • Name = Mobile Vikings
  • APN = web.be
  • Username = web
  • Password = web
  • Proxy = [leave blank]
  • Port = [leave blank]
  • APN-type = default,supl
  • Authentication / verification type = PAP

Save your settings, toggle your flight mode on and off, and test your connection. If it didn’t work, reboot your device. That should do the trick. 

If you have an iPhone, please make sure VoLTE is disabled by going to s
ettings -> Mobile network -> Mobile data options -> Calls and data -> 4G, VoLTE off

Abroad / Roaming

  • Check whether you have roaming enabled
  • Check your internet settings:
    APN: internet.proximus.be
    - MNC: 01
    Leave the rest blank.
  • Choose another available operator and reboot your device
  • Switch between 3G/4G/LTE

Try this out in your device’s settings:

  • Apple: Settings > Mobile data > select "Enable 4G".
  • Samsung (Android): Settings > More settings > Mobile networks > Network mode > select 4G, LTE or an automatic network selection.
  • Sony (Android): Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Network mode > select 4G, LTE or an automatic network selection.
  • Nokia (Windows Phone 8): Settings > Mobile networks > Highest connection speed > LTE.

More info about roaming

Wanna know whether your SIM card is broken?

  • Try out your SIM card in another device? If it doesn't work there either, your SIM itself probably is the culprit. Our helpdesk can help you out to fix the problem or replace your SIM card.