I don't have any mobile internet. What do I do?

Trouble with your mobile internet, 4G, or surfing abroad? Follow the steps below to solve your issue.

Active bundle

Do you still have enough mobile data in your bundle?

Internet settings

It’s very important that you configure these settings correctly. In most cases, correcting these solves the problem. Go to our settings guides and look for your device.

Can’t find your device in the list? Then choose a similar device, the settings themselves are the same. If you have an Android device, pretty much any Android phone guide will do. But just to be sure, you’ll find the settings below:

  • Name = Mobile Vikings
  • APN = internet.proximus.be
  • Username = web
  • Password = web
  • MNC : 01

  • APN-type = default,supl
  • Authentication / verification type = PAP

Save your settings, toggle your flight mode on and off, and test your connection. If it didn’t work, reboot your device. That should do the trick. 

Abroad / Roaming

  • Check whether you have roaming enabled
  • Choose another available operator and reboot your device
  • Are you traveling outside of the EU? In that case, you won't be able to surf to avoid unexpectedly high costs. Do you really want to use mobile data outside the EU? That’s possible! With the Global Data Pass you can use mobile data in many countries outside the European Union. You can find all the details here.

More info about roaming

Is your SIM card broken?

  • Could you try your physical SIM card in another device? If that doesn't work either, then the problem may be with your SIM card itself. Our helpdesk can then help you find another solution or replace your SIM card.

Still no mobile internet after going through all steps? Call our helpdesk for free using the number 1976 or send us a message