How can I configure and check my voicemail via 1933?

To listen to your voicemail, call 1933 using your Mobile Vikings SIM card.
I want to change my call duration
I want to update the language of my voicemail
I want to deactivate my voicemail
I want to redirect my calls to another number

After listening to your messages, you'll hear a menu with options to change your voicemail preferences, such as your greeting, notifications, ... , 

  • You can decide after how many seconds your voicemail is activated. By default, it's after 15 seconds. The options are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 seconds. To set this up, form and call one of the codes below: 


    30 seconds of ringing: **61*+32456191933**30# call OR *61*+32456191933**30# call
    25 seconds of ringing **61*+32456191933**25# call OR *61*+32456191933**25# call
    20 seconds of ringing **61*+32456191933**20# call OR *61*+32456191933**20# call

    Etcetera. Depending on your device the code should start with * or **.  
  • You can change the language of your voicemail by calling 1933.

  • Want to switch off your voicemail? Go to your SIM settings in My Viking! You can also switch it back on here.

  • Calling your voicemail is free of charge in Belgium and within the EU, further abroad the local rates apply. You can check those on our roaming page.

  • Want to call your voicemail from a different number, or while abroad? Call 0456191933.

You can also fully manage your voicemail from the My Viking app. More specifically:

  • Switch your voicemail on and off
  • Set how long it takes for your voicemail to become active

In the course of 2024, we will gradually activate visual voicemail. So visual voicemail may also be active for your phone number. You can find all the info on that here.