How to top up a prepaid SIM card?

Your SIM card can be topped up via your account by clicking on the red button 'Top up SIM card' (displayed at the top of each page) or via 'Top-up' in the My Viking app. Use one of the following methods to top-up:

  • Bancontact
  • Payconic by Bancontact
  • Mastercard or Visa
  • Text: send a text with the message "SIM TOPUP" to 1984. Before you can do so, you must set up a payment method.
  • Automatic top-up: top-up your SIM card automatically when the calling credit drops below a certain amount. Before you can do so, you must set up a payment method.
  • Viking Points: top up your SIM card with Viking Points. 1 Viking Point equals € 1.

Using these payment methods the calling credit will be on your SIM card almost instantly.

Combining payment methods: Your Viking Points can be combined with another payment method to top up your SIM card. 

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If you think a top-up went wrong (if you suspect that the money will be taken from your account, but no calling credit will be added to your SIM card), reach out to our helpdesk before making a second payment. This will avoid that a second top-up is registered on the same day.